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Assault and Battery Defense Lawyers In Kalamazoo & Grand Rapids

In Michigan, assault and battery is a crime that is taken seriously and aggressively prosecuted. If convicted of assault and battery, you could be sentenced to 93 days in jail and fined up to $500. Even after you have served your time and paid your debt, you will be haunted by the specter of having a violent crime on your criminal record. Aggravated assault is an even stiffer penalty. And assault with a dangerous weapon is a felony.

In order to protect your rights, your job prospects and your personal reputation, it is important to have the right criminal defense representation. At The Aggressive Criminal Defense Law Firm, we provide a skilled defense against assault and battery charges for our clients in West Michigan.

Assault and Battery Defense Attorneys

Assault is an intentional act that causes someone to fear imminent harm, such as unwanted contact. This does not require actual physical contact; someone can be charged with assault as long as he or she had the intent to assault the victim. Battery, on the other hand, is intentional physical contact that causes bodily harm or is otherwise considered to be offensive. Battery can be charged for unwanted contact, even if it did not result in physical harm to the defendant.

If the assault or battery is against someone with whom you are dating or who is a member of your family, it can result in domestic violence charges. Whether you are charged with felonious assault, domestic violence or aggravated assault — a misdemeanor — we will aggressively pursue an outcome that protects your record so you can move on with your life.

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