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January 2012 Archives

Trial date set for Miss Michigan charged with drunk driving

Being pulled over and charged for drunk driving - otherwise known as an OWI charge in Michigan - can be quite upsetting. It may be especially frightening for a person with no previous arrests. Unfortunately, people can make mistakes. For a person who is not known for making mistakes, such as a role model or a person in the public eye, a charge of drunk driving can have an even more negative effect unless it is dealt with properly.

Activist group in Michigan says the law unfairly punishes teens

Having a felony charge on a person's record can seriously affect his or her future. From not being able to vote to serving time in prison, the punishments for a felony are varied and can damage a person's reputation. Some people say that some of these penalties are too harsh, overreaching and ineffective. In Michigan, for example, an activist group is attempting to revise the laws that punish teenagers for having a sexually consensual relationship.

Report: Who is (and is not) more likely to embezzle money

When a person is charged with a white collar crime, people may assume that he or she is a dangerous or bad person before they even learn the facts. The truth is that many ordinary people find themselves facing these serious charges every day. A recent study even confirmed that when it comes to embezzlement, considered to be a white collar crime, it is more popular than people think. It also suggests that the perpetrators may be a surprising type of person.

Charges against Michigan medical marijuana dispensaries dismissed

In many cases when a person is charged for a drug crime, Michigan law is quite clear. Though there are a number of concerns with overly-harsh penalties and mandatory minimums, the law can be fairly straightforward. This is not the case in laws relating to dispensing medical marijuana.

Proposed law would allow some criminal records to stay private

A person who has been charged or convicted of domestic assault can face some serious consequences. Having this type of arrest on a criminal record may immediately put a person's career and future at risk. Because many altercations that end with a criminal charge may be the result of a misunderstanding or situation that spun out of control, it may not always be appropriate to permanently punish a person.

Michigan man pleads guilty to OWI

In somewhat of a surprise move, a Michigan man who was charged with aggravated drunk driving last year has pled guilty. Less than a week before his trial, he entered his plea and will now await sentencing on March 15. He faces up to 14 years in prison for an accident that occurred last year.

Shots fired in Michigan mobile home park; no injuries

There are a number of ways to lose a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Michigan. One of the ways to lose it is to be drinking while carrying a concealed weapon. It is not only against the law, but very dangerous. Luckily, no one was hurt when two intoxicated men fired a shotgun within Newport's Elizabeth Woods Mobile Home Park last week.

Warrant issued for pastor accused of embezzlement

Being charged with a while collar crime can be quite damaging to a person's reputation. Even if the charges are dropped or accusations of fraud turn out to be false, the damage may have already been done. After a Michigan pastor was investigated for embezzlement, his church has become divided with one side calling for his removal.

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