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June 2012 Archives

Bank error not in one man's favor: Ordered to repay $1.5 million

There is a card in the popular board game Monopoly that reads "Bank error in your favor. Collect $200." In real life, though, a bank error or computer glitch may actually work against a person. Recently, a Michigan man was convicted of criminal charges related to theft of bank funds after a computer error allowed him to withdraw unlimited funds from ATMs.

Teens charged with stealing synthetic marijuana

As counties across Michigan continue to ban forms of synthetic marijuana, some people are trying to stock up on the drugs. For now, they are still legal in some areas of the state, but a full statewide ban on K2, Spice and other types of synthetic marijuana is expected. Anticipating the ban, a couple teenagers broke into a store that still sells the substances and stole 30 containers of K2, among other items.

Son charged with domestic assault of father on Father's Day

When people hear that a person has been charged with a domestic assault charge, they tend to imagine a fight between spouses or significant others. However, it is important to realize that under Michigan law, anyone in a domestic relationship can be involved in a domestic assault. This can include roommates, former spouses and family members.

A look at sentences for white collar crime convictions

Non-violent crimes or economic crimes may make a person feel as though he or she isn't doing anything to hurt anyone. However, as we have seen in recent arrests and convictions, there can be a variety of people affected by a person's unlawful actions. From a slap on the wrist and probation to hefty fines and decades in prison, sentences vary widely. Therefore, a person facing allegations of white collar crimes in Michigan may not know what to expect when it comes to possible sentences.

Michigan man in 'wheel' trouble for drunk driving

It was a pretty bad decision that was made when a Michigan got into an argument with his neighbor. It was definitely a bad move when the man then stole his neighbor's wheelchair. And it was probably not a good idea for him to be visibly intoxicated in public at the time. But what was his real crime according to Michigan police? Apparently, it was his decision to get in the wheelchair because they charged the man with drunk driving.

Poor Michigan residents may be victims of broken defense system

We have all likely heard the phrase informing a person of his or her right to an attorney when they are arrested. In the Miranda rights that are read to a suspect, it follows that if a person cannot afford an attorney, he or she will be assigned one. In Michigan, however, many people are challenging the efficacy and fairness of the state's system of court-appointed attorneys. A person who is facing felony charges deserves more than what they are getting.

Some Michigan cities banning the sale of synthetic marijuana

Recently, stories involving users of synthetic marijuana have made headlines across the country. Some reports suggest that the dramatic increase in events such as cannibal-like behavior can be linked to the psychotic episodes experienced when people use a synthetic marijuana product. Until now, many of these substances were sold legally across Michigan. However, cities are starting to crack down on sellers and charge them of a drug crime.

UFC ring girl arrested for domestic violence

Pick up any newspaper or read any domestic assault story online and they may all appear to be posed in similar ways. Charges or accusations are made against a man who is then arrested, whether the alleged victim requests it or not. Not all cases are the same, however, and there are typically several factors involved in a domestic assault situation.

Edwards found not guilty on fraud charge

John Edwards was recently found not guilty on one charge of campaign fraud stemming from allegations that he improperly used political donations to hide the pregnancy of his mistress. There were five other charges that related to his alleged inappropriate use of illegal campaign funds, but a judge declared a mistrial on the remaining five charges when jurors could not reach a decision.

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